CF781 Weightlifting Update

26 Aug CF781 Weightlifting Update

Late last month several athletes from CrossFit 781 competed in the 2016 Bay State Games Weightlifting meet. There were more makes than misses, as each lifter hit at least 4 of 6 of their attempts, and everyone was working around their personal bests. Cam Abraham, Casey Justason, and Liz Asci even finished on the podium in their respective categories, with Liz winning hers for a 2nd consecutive year! It was a very successful meet.
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Olympic Weightlifting is unique in that the snatch and clean & jerk are incredibly powerful movements, but to execute them to the best of one’s ability also requires a great deal of precision. Nervous energy may cause a storm within an athlete. However, they must remain calm, focus that energy exactly and apply it to the barbell. This takes practice.

I’m very proud of the dedication, time and effort all of our lifters put in to perform so well under the pressure of competition. Especially considering most of them were dealing with the added stress of their first meet.

Speaking of practice, I’m very excited to announce a couple of “a la carte” Weightlifting training sessions. We’re going to be snatching, cleaning and jerking Sunday morning at 11 AM on September 11th and 18th. Each session will be about an hour and a half and costs $30 to attend. Athletes are welcome to use their own programming or follow along with the group. In addition to improving the lifts, the goal is to bring people interested in Weightlifting together to train.

The next upcoming local meet is on the weekend of October 8th and 9th at Robinson Weightlifting in Franklin, MA. It would be excellent to have another big group of lifters representing CrossFit 781.

In addition to the upcoming group training sessions, I’m also available for individual coaching or programming. Please contact me if you have any questions about participating, or if there’s anything I can do to help you get involved with the sport of Weightlifting.

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