Who We Are

CrossFit 781 is a family. We are unique and diverse, but all-inclusive. CrossFit 781 is a place where everybody knows your name. We believe in having fun. Exercise needs to be different every day and present new and fun challenges. We believe this creates a true sense of accomplishment and confidence. We believe in mastering the basics. We believe that building a foundation of knowledge and proper movement is a cornerstone of improvement. We believe in always being a student of both life and of CrossFit. You can’t progress forward if you think you’re done learning.  We are here to learn from CrossFit and each one of our members, day after day.

Meet Our Coaches & Staff


Eric Siegel
Head Coach


Sara Lipsett
Coach | Manager of Joy


Joe Mcghee


Jenna Curren
Office Manager

What We Do

It’s plain and simple: we make people healthier and more fit. And we do this by utilizing the best from many programs like gymnastics, weightlifting, endurance training, calisthenics and more. We train functional movement, meaning we utilize movements that the body is intended to do. The CrossFit program is designed to improve ten general physical skills: cardio-respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. The result is well rounded physical fitness and restored vitality.

Who We Train

Everyone! It doesn’t matter if you begin CrossFit as a couch potato, a yogi, or a marathon runner- you will gain incredible results by committing to our program.
CrossFit 781 is for you if:

  • Are sick of the regular gym atmosphere
  • Are tired of not seeing any results
  • Want to finally get in shape without doing it alone
  • Have lost interest in your normal gym routine
  • Want to improve in your sport
  • Want to feel, look and be your best possible YOU
  • Be a part of an incredible community of like-minded individuals

Where We Train

In April of 2013 we relocated CrossFit 781 to a beautiful new facility that boasts 6,000 square feet of open space, showers in both male and female locker rooms, a bar top and hang out area, and all the CrossFit equipment you’d expect at a box. We like to think of this place like our community’s home away from home.

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