Author: Jenna

26 Jun The 781 Guru Dani Brown

The 781 Guru Dani Brown Guru, by definition is: a teacher or guide that you trust; a person who has a lot of experience in or knowledge about a particular subject. So, next to Guru in the dictionary you should pretty much just see Dani’s face....

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25 Jun Big Joe McGhee!

When Joe walks into a room, everyone knows. He can command a room of 40 people with just a word. Mister Joe McGhee is our last and final installment of Staff Appreciation Week! Joe is the kind of person who listens until the last word of...

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24 Jun Saturday, 6.25.2016

A) Strength Clean and Jerk: Work up to a moderate single (80%-85%). Rest 90s. B) Conditioning "Last Man Standing" 3 RFT: Run 800 meters 20 Clean and Jerks (115, 75) 15 Pull-ups *Goal of the Day: Complete your Pull-ups in no more than 2 sets. L3: (95, 65) L2: (75, 55) (band-assisted pull-ups) L1: (20 Front...

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