CrossFit 781 at the 2016 BayState Games

20 Jul CrossFit 781 at the 2016 BayState Games

On Saturday and Sunday, July 23rd and 24th CrossFit 781 will have 6 athletes competing in the 2016 Bay State Games Weightlifting meet at UMass Boston. Cam Abraham, Scott Maclean, Casey Justason, Clayton Hamilton, Danielle Hamilton and Liz Asci.

Cam and Scott will be lifting in the first session of the weekend, Saturday morning at 10. Casey’s session starts Saturday at 12:30. Clayton will lift Sunday at 12:30. Danielle and Liz Sunday afternoon at 2:30. If you’re interested in seeing a Weightlifting meet first hand, come support your CF781 teammates and check it out!

In a fairly short amount of time Cam has smoothed out her technique a great deal. She has gone from a somewhat raw, slightly wild, albeit mighty power snatch to a much more refined full variation of the lift, taking better advantage of her quickness. She has a great deal of potential in her category.

With some experience in powerlifting Scott started out with a solid pulls and squats. His big challenge has been somewhat limited shoulder mobility due to an old injury. Scott has worked diligently on his overhead positions and his numbers have steadily climbed as his mobility has improved.


Casey is powerful. She’s done very well to quickly incorporate several small tweaks to her pull, from set up to catch, harnessing that power and becoming more consistent. A testament to her athletic ability. It may go without saying, but Casey also has a lot of potential in her category.


Clayton is another athlete who has worked hard to improve his shoulder mobility and lockout his jerk. He’s consistently making lifts closer to his PR, looking much more comfortable and confident with a heavy bar overhead. Not to bury the lead, but Clayton also rounded out his pulling technique and improved his snatch by more than 10%!


As a result of some good focus on the nuances of the lifts, Danielle has PR’d everything over the last few months of training. Despite a minor hiccup with some knee discomfort, she has continued to move forward and grown consistent at higher percentages. If Danielle cleans a bar, odds are she can jerk it.


Liz is our only lifter with experience in a meet. The 2015 Bay State Games to be exact. She did quite well last year and was starting strong as she began preparing for this year’s meet. With a bit of work tidying up her bar path she managed a nice snatch PR within just a few weeks of training.


I’m very proud of all of our athletes efforts and dedication. It’s been a pleasure working with them to prepare for this event. I’m incredibly excited to coach them and really looking forward to seeing them all perform.

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