Goals, Goals, Goals

29 Jan Goals, Goals, Goals

As January closes I was reflecting on my January goals (resolutions) and kind of recapping how I did.  They say that most people either given up on or have already broken their resolutions by Jan 15th.  As we know, stats can lie, but for me this year it’s absolutely accurate.  I set 10 goals for myself this year and in most cases I have either already missed the goal (not texting and driving, for example) or I haven’t done anything to work towards it (get on an airplane, for example).  The easy thing to do at this point is give up and move on.  Hey, they’re my goals – if I want to move on from them, that’s my choice…right?

The problem with my goals for this year was in a lot of cases they were the typical “I won’t do this/I will do that”.  There was no vision behind them; they were all for the most part willpower based.  When we set goals mainly based on willpower, they will either A. not happen, or B. revert back once we accomplish them.  When we set a goal such as “I want to lose 5 pounds” once the goal is achieved there is nothing to help us or prevent us from sliding back.  There is no vision to help us continue to strive for or new goal to achieve.  We need to have a vision for ourselves and our lives as our foundation for any new goal or resolution we set.

I will give you an example of goal setting vs. having a vision for what you want out of life or from yourself. One of my “goals” this year was to “be more charitable”. What does that mean?  Who knows; I wrote it down because it sure sounds good and, heck, who doesn’t want to say “I have a goal to be more charitable this year!”  I could throw $1 in the collection basket on Sundays and boom, I have achieved my goal.  But…have I really done anything to help others, or to change myself?  The answer is, obviously, I have not, but what if instead of writing “I will be more charitable”, I committed myself to helping in the community once a month.  What if I shifted my vision from being more charitable to actually impacting people’s lives?  In February I will work at the Brockton community center. In March I will sign up to be a Big Brother. In April I will clean the cages out at the animal shelter.  These are visions and goals that will not only impact others, but truly impact my life.

What’s the difference between February 1st and January 1st?  Really nothing at all. They are both just dates on the calendar.  We have been conditioned throughout the years to feel that we can only set goals or change ourselves on January 1st.  That’s nonsense because it’s just a date on the calendar.

Let’s take a few hours and set a new vision for ourselves so that on February 1st we are ready to go.  It can be 1 thing or it can be 10 things.  (Don’t let it be “I will quit smoking” because that’s just a goal that when stressful times hit you will more than likely revert back to.) Let it be a new vision for who you want to be, and one that will let you get the most out of this one life that we have.  (If you believe in multiple lives no reason to not make this one as great as the next).

If you need help, we are here for you.  I would encourage you to share your vision for yourself with your friends and family to help hold you accountable to your goals.  Write them down daily each morning to help remind and motivate yourself to stay on the new path you have set for yourself.  If you struggle in February just remember there’s no difference between January 1st and March 1st – you can always start fresh!

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