Keep Calm and WOD On

18 Feb Keep Calm and WOD On

With so many people doing the Open for the first time this year, Coach Eric has some words of wisdom for the nervous first-timer (or even for the nervous veteran!)

I approach the Open as a 5 week competition. My goal for programming during the Open is that it will have athletes prepped and primed to give their best to each weekly workout.

To be ready to give 100% once a week, we’ll be in a sort of “maintenance mode”. There will still be great, daily workouts that will continue to improve conditioning and develop skills, but the loading and volume will be at an overall lower intensity. For most of us practicing CrossFit, there is no real periodization. We’re either training hard, or we’re on vacation. The Open is a 5 week chance to find some middle ground, and enjoy the benefits on the other side. Ultimately, I want athletes to have fun and come out of the Open feeling less beat up than when they started. The taper between high intensity, max efforts is an opportunity for sore bodies to bounce back and recover.

Throughout the 5 weeks you can expect to consistently see the following elements in the program:

  • Monday: Back Squat: 70-75% x 3 reps x 5 sets, 2-3:00 rest
  • Wednesday: Weightlifting Technique (snatch or jerk variations <80% loading)
  • Friday: Open workouts
  • Saturday: Hero or other similar workout with longer time domain

Extra credit work after class is also important. The prescribed exercises are there to build on the progress made in class and help you stay healthy. Please don’t hesitate to ask a coach if you need guidance!

I’m looking forward to a fun, successful Open. Please let me know if you have any questions about the programming, or if there’s anything else I can do for you.


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