Just like focused skill or strength work, running and endurance training can have a symbiotic relationship with CrossFit. Better your 5k time, and you’ll notice improvements in pacing, breathing and overall ability to express your other capabilities in weightlifting and gymnastics based WODs. And that’s the goal of the CrossFit 781 Endurance Program.

We want to make running suck less. We want it to feel light, smooth and FAST! So you can benefit from eric run 1and maybe even enjoy focused endurance training.

This supplemental 6 week course will meet every other Saturday morning at 8 AM, beginning July 2nd, concluding August 13th. In addition to 4 training sessions where we’ll cover skills, drills, warm ups, cool downs and do some running (of course), athletes will also receive programming, including technique homework and workouts. Cost for the course is $99. Space is very limited, so reserve your spot today with this link: https://crossfit781.frontdeskhq.com/courses/108155!