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Unless otherwise noted, all the classes on our schedule are “All Levels,” meaning that both beginners and experienced CrossFitters are welcome. Each one of our workouts are completely scalable to each individual’s own fitness level. We find that athletes, both novice and elite alike, learn from the environment and enjoy the healthy dynamic it promotes.

**We do NOT require class sign up, our members are free to attend any class on the schedule**

*OPEN GYM, SUNDAYS FROM 9AM-11AM* Open Gym is scheduled every Friday and Sunday and is for our athletes (members only, please) to come and work on skills, make up a workout they missed, etc. There is no WOD, however, coaches are available for help. Open Gym does not count towards your membership.

Rules of Open Gym:

  1. Clean up after yourself- if you use it, please put it back, and wipe your sweat off it before you go. Our cleaning crew comes on Sundays and we need the floors clear of equipment.
  2. No max effort lifts- please no 1 rep maxes on Sundays. Period.
  3. Bring your headphones- the music is kept low on Sundays because we not only open these hours up for our members, but it is also for our coaches to work with athletes for personal training.[/box]


**Power Lifting OR Olympic Lifting Class, Thursday @6:30pm.
**Power lifting class and Olympic Class are rotated in 4-6 week cycles.

Open to all members of 781.

Power Lifting Class
This group focuses on a Dynamic Effort Lower body training session utilizing various variations of the squat, dead lift, and power clean with the focus being on bar speed. The use of accommodating resistance (bands + chains) to overcome plateaus and sticking points as well as accessory work to compensate for imbalance and promote muscular growth are instrumental in this class.

Olympic Lifting Class
This group focuses primarily on improving the technical execution of the snatch, clean & jerk and related lifts. This program is intended to supplement your regular training regimen and improve explosiveness, strength, and coordination in addition to improving comfort with the lifts. This class is for all members with at least 3 months of CrossFit experience and basic knowledge of the the snatch and clean and their variations (both power and hang).
Notes: programming is exactly the same for the Thursday AND Friday class. This specialty class DOES count toward your membership.

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