To Open or Not To Open? That is the Question.

25 Jan To Open or Not To Open? That is the Question.

Should I join the Open?  Whether you are new to CrossFit or a veteran this is a question a lot of us ask ourselves each year – Is it worth it?  I’m not going to regionals, so why does it matter?  I am going to finish last…why should I make myself feel bad?  That $20 can buy me five boxes of Cheez-its. Why should I give it to CrossFit?

There are lots of reasons I could give you on why you should sign up. I could give you a great sales pitch on the importance of team, community, unity, fun, and commitment.  However, I am not going to do that. I’m not a salesman, and I’m not trying to put you into that new Ford F-150 today. I don’t feel that Kylie, Eric, Joe, Sara, Jenna, Adrienne, Kim or I are here to sell you on anything.  We are here to support you in achieving the results and goals that are most important to you.  So instead of trying to sell you on the Open, I will tell you why I sign up for the Open each year. 

My first year, like every new CrossFitter, I signed up because everyone else was and I was excited for the Open.  I had these grand plans of making regionals one day because, hey, I was a high school athlete – how hard could this really be?  As you may already expect, the first Open WOD smacked me directly in the face.  I quickly realized that without some HGH or an appointment with Barry Bond’s doctor, I wasn’t going to regionals. I completed the Open; however, the sharp reality of my fitness level hung over my head for a while. I don’t like failing or not being great at things, and it was apparent I wasn’t going to achieve what I thought should be possible.

Year two I came very close to not signing up, as I didn’t see the point in signing up and finishing in 1 millionth place in the east regional.  However, after a talk with my coach and getting over myself I signed up and completed the workouts.  Boy oh boy, was I glad that I signed up! Why? Because I was blown away with the progress I had made.  I find it hard at times to gauge the progress I make in CrossFit, but being able to complete all five workouts (and even getting a muscle up!) made me realize that I was truly making progress.  I was fired up about my progress and it really helped me get over the CrossFit sophomore slump.

Since year two I have signed up every year as a way to gauge my fitness level, and to be part of the community.  It’s always a lot of fun to complete the workouts with friends and challenge each other to complete one more rep.  I remember last year feeling great after I was able to tie Tom O on one workout. (No one tell him – it will be our little secret.)  The first year I completed all five workouts RX and I was telling everyone who would listen, and even those who wouldn’t, that I had done it.  I find it motivating and exciting to continue to achieve new things.  I like the challenge of the Open and even enjoy the excitement all day Thursday in anticipation of the evening WOD announcement.

Should you sign up?  If you are asking me I say yes, but the decision is all yours.  We have a lot of great things planned for the Open, from viewing parties to Friday Night Lights to an award ceremony at the end.  It will be fun, competitive, and exciting.  Those that sign up will be part of one of our four teams who will battle tooth and nail for the championship trophy. (It’s all fun games – no stab wounds, we promise.) If you choose not to sign up, we hope you will still come hang out and have a great time!

-Coach Ron

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