It’s Day 3 of Staff Appreciation Week at 781, and today’s superstar is Mrs. Kimberly Vo Minsky!

Some of you may not know this but we have a history with Kimmy that goes way, waaay back. Back to the Old Gym days. Kim started CrossFit on a whim back in 2011 and never looked back. She was a member at 781 for quite some time, sharpening her skills as an athlete and soaking up everything she could about our sport. She even took it upon herself to obtain her CrossFit Level 1 certification! Kim was such an integral part of our community in the early days. She was always smiling and she was so enthusiastic about everything. In 2012, Kim even flew out to Carson City, California with us to see the 2012 CrossFit Games. We had a blast touring through Redondo Beach and watching some of the “early days” athletes. Kim was such an important member of the 781 community, that she was dubbed our first ever Beast of the Year.

Eventually after we moved to the new gym, Kim pursued a coaching position at Quincy City CrossFit and began coaching classes to develop her skills. Let’s take a photo journey of some of the great times we have shared with Kim, which include some fun facts you may not know:


Kim was CrossFit 781’s first ever Beast of the Year. This pic was taken just after announcing.



This pic was taken inside the stadium of the 2012 CrossFit Games



Myself, Kimmy, Kayla and JB in front of the infamous tennis stadium at the Stub Hub center in Carson, CA.


Kim, Rory and myself at the afterparty of the 2012 CF Games. You will probably recognize Rory as the announcer of all the Open workouts...guy is huge!

Kim, Rory and myself at the afterparty of the 2012 CF Games. You will probably recognize Rory as the announcer of all the Open workouts…guy is huge!



Cohen, Kim and myself at our first ever 781 Halloween party!



All dressed up for the ’80s party!

Today you can find Kim coaching the Wednesday late evening classes and doing On Ramps, all while rocking her best new accessory: a preggo belly! This year has been one for the books for Kim, as she not only married the love of her life and bought a new home, but her and her husband Jared  are expecting their first baby in 20 short weeks!!

Kim is still the same Kimmy we met 5 years ago: she will literally stop what she is doing at any given moment to say hello to an unfamiliar face, she works her butt off to help our coaching staff, is *always* eager to learn, and does it all while having a (new) full time job. We can’t say enough about Kim and she’s just reason #3 that our gym is the best around!