When Joe walks into a room, everyone knows. He can command a room of 40 people with just a word. Mister Joe McGhee is our last and final installment of Staff Appreciation Week!


Joe is the kind of person who listens until the last word of your sentence. Actually, he listens to the pause after the last word of your sentence, too. He is thoughtful and analytical and takes pride in listening more than he talks. My grandmother used to say, “you have two ears and one mouth for a reason.” I was never the best at taking her advice, but Joe instantly makes me think of this saying.

A few things you may not know about Joe:

  • He has a baby boy (him and his wife Erica’s first baby!) that is due any day now– like any minute…
  • Him and Erica own a home in Hanover
  • Joe is also a coach at CrossFit South Shore in Hanover. We typically do not smile at the idea of hiring coaches from neighboring gyms, but Joe came with such high references and such an extensive resume that we put any reservations to the side. Boy are we glad we did!
  • He was a strength coach for the Boston Red Sox Minor Leagues
  • He is also a strength coach at Roxbury Latin
  • He was a coach with Eric at CrossFit Fenway for years
  • He competed as an individual in the 2010 Regionals (this guy is an O-GEEE)
  • He competed team with CrossFit Fenway at the 2011 Games
  • He competed team with CrossFit Fenway at the 2012 Regionals
  • Even his wife Erica is a beast: she competed on the team in ’11 and ’12, too, and also as an individual in 2010. Think that baby is going to have some good genes??
  • Joe has a voracious appetite for learning! If he is not on the gym floor, you will find him at the front desk on the computer watching video after video, soaking up information from the strength and conditioning world as much as possible
  • And the latest tidbit I learned about Joe is that he played baseball (with some serious teams!) in Australia for 6 months!

All I know is that there is something in that dirty watah in Boston, because CrossFit Fenway gave us two solid dudes to add to our team. Joe has recently taken on many of my classes to give me time to get huge and hang out with my almost-here-baby, and he’s also taken on one of my PT clients. I know I speak for not only myself but for our entire community when I say that I’m incredibly thankful for him being a part of our team. Cheers to Fenway, babies, and cool dads!!