Visualize Your Success

Think of a past situation you’ve been in when you’ve felt pressure to perform. This could have been a competition, a presentation at work, a

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Why Clean?

The term “functional movement” has become a buzzword that gets tossed around so much that it almost starts to lose its meaning. In CrossFit we

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No Equipment, No Problem!

I was recently traveling, and was fortunate to be in a hotel with a pretty solid gym. They had dumbbells up to 50#, kettlebells up

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7 Tips for Your Best Night’s Sleep

In case you haven’t received enough, here’s another reminder that there’s a time change coming this Sunday. Fortunately, in our modern society phones, computers, tablets,

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Strategies for Dining Out

“What about going out for dinner?” When working with people to help their nutrition better support their goals we frequently hear this question. First, if

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Is Fruit Bad?

When chatting about nutrition we routinely hear questions about fruit. Many folks are concerned they’re eating too much, and that eliminating some fruit from their

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