Build Mental Muscle with Bright Spots

You’ve got goals. Some of them are big, life changing health, fitness, personal or professional goals. Others are smaller, though still very important, day-to-day goals. A Bright Spot is anything that went well, or you’re proud of. They can be major achievements, milestones along the way, or lessons learned from missteps. You’re either winning, or learning. That’s it. There’s nothing else on your list of outcomes. In addition to celebrating Bright Spots in every Group CrossFit Class here at CrossFit 781, we also ask for your weekly wins every Friday.

When you’re in it, applying self discipline and consistency to reach your goal, it can be easy to miss the progress you make along the way. It’s important to take 5 minutes to filter through your week, and find your wins. Practicing this gives you positive reinforcement to keep going. It also helps to foster an optimistic outlook for you to take on any situation at home, at work, and whatever else life throws at you. Everything doesn’t need to be sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. A positive mindset will only help to achieve whatever you’re chasing.

Your hard work, Bright Spots, and positive mindset will not only benefit you, it will positively impact your community too. Whether you know it or not, you’re an inspiration to those around you, here at the gym, at work, and at home. If you can do it, so can they. They just need to see other people, like you, winning and achieving the same things they want to. By finding and sharing your Bright Spots you are helping lead the charge for our whole community!

The importance of spending 5 minutes to find your weekly wins cannot be overstated. You will give yourself positive reinforcement, inspire others, and become more resilient. This practice trains your brain to continuously look for the positives in situations. So when you’re eating dust, your brain has the ability to deal with it, and then move on to find solutions to turn things around. Do you get great at adapting in only one week of doing this? Heck no! It’s all the tiny efforts accumulated over time. Just like any and everything else. Practice your resiliency, build yourself to be adaptable, find your Bright Spots and share them!

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