My friends:

Opening a gym in this beautiful location was a huge investment–both financially and professionally–but we’re so happy that we did.

When we opened 781, our goal was simple: to provide the best possible environment for the pursuit of fitness in the entire area. That meant a clear focus on doing the best things for the best people in the best possible way. It’s still our goal.

Focusing on “best” sometimes means removing things that are merely “pretty good.” Just as with your diet and exercise, doing things that are “pretty good” won’t get you to your goal. “Pretty good” is not good enough for CrossFitters, and it’s not good enough for 781.

For this reason, you’ll see some coaching changes at CrossFit 781 this week. This was a very hard decision, but in the end we asked ourselves, “What’s the right thing to do for our members?” That brought clarity of purpose, and made the decision a simple one (but not an easy one.)

This has been a year of rapid growth. And this year, as we approach our fifth anniversary, we’ve removed a roadblock to excellence. We’ll continue to always improve ourselves to better serve you, our friends and clients.

Thank you for your trust! We won’t let you down.

In Health,
Dani & Jason