Day 4 of Staff Appreciation here, and today’s staff member is none other than my handsome husband Mr. Jason Brown! Where to begin with this guy…?

Well five years ago we were forced to meet, both against our wills, because we had a common interest: we both wanted to open a gym. Long story short– we met for a 60-minute lunch and during that lunch it was decided that we would open a single gym, together.

“Who does that?”, my family said.


We started with humble beginnings in our small gym at 106 Finnell Drive. Two and a half years later we grew so much that we had no choice but to move into a larger facility, which is where our business lives now. In September we will celebrate 5 years of owning our own gym, something that is very special to us. We had no idea the things that would transpire from our little dream of owning a CrossFit affiliate, especially for Jason…

Over these past years, Jason has grown immensely as a business owner, and a coach. One of my most favorite qualities about him is the fact that once his focus is locked on a target, not even a nuclear bomb could throw him off course (well possibly a chocolate chip cookie could, but nothing else). In fact, he’s been studying like a freshman in college for the past four months to take his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist test! Jason’s life is a constant pursuit to get better in all facets of his life, and I admire that so much.

Those of you who have been with us for the long haul have seen how enthusiastic he gets when he coaches a deadlift, when he talks about bands or chains, when you give him a “high-five” at just the right angle (and look at the elbow), when he receives donuts or cookies, or when he has a broom in his hand. As his wife it gets very hard to top these special moments.

Owning his own gym and being able to test his immense knowledge about training has recently developed into a completely new business for Jason. Back in December many other affiliate owners became so intrigued by his programming and wanted to know more about how to integrate the Conjugate System into CrossFit and into their own gyms, that people started asking him to program for their gyms. Today, Jason programs for 50 other CrossFit affiliates with his business Box Programming, and the list grows every day.

So today is dedicated to you Mr. Brown, and all that you’ve done to push CrossFit 781 and our community forward. Thanks for making us the strongest dang gym around, in more ways than one!

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