How come my squat looks nothing like Susie’s? Am I doing it right?!!

Good news, there is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL SQUAT.

Do you have extremely long legs? Athletes with long femurs will squat very differently, but it doesn’t mean their squat is “wrong.”

**The femur is the only bone located in the thigh. It is both the longest and the strongest bone in the human body, extending from the hip to the knee.**

An athlete with long femurs will find it harder to keep their chest upright in the bottom of the squat. This will become more difficult and apparent the more weight your add. Almost as if they are doing a “good morning” instead of a back squat. This definitely puts unwanted strain on your lower back. The good news, there are a few different “squat therapies” to get you into your own optimal squat position if you have long femurs.
First try a wider stance. This will help your knees track out over your toes without causing your chest to collapse when going to depth. You can also try holding a plate out in front of you while you squat. This will help you keep your balance, while also forcing you to keep your chest upright. Also a great tool is the Box Squat. Box Squatting helps you control your decent which in turn forces you to keep your chest upright and controlled when sitting down on the box. Practicing your box squat will help you develop a huge amount of power coming out of the hole.  Chances are if you can lift a ton of weight from a seating position on a box, there is no doubt you’ll be able to lift that amount (or more!) when free squatting.

So no matter your build, there is a squat for you!!