Is Fruit Bad?

When chatting about nutrition we routinely hear questions about fruit. Many folks are concerned they’re eating too much, and that eliminating some fruit from their daily nutrition might help them towards their body composition, health, or performance goals.

Rest assured, fruit is almost certainly not holding you back, and is actually helping you! A common follow up: “but isn’t fruit all carbs?”.

We have been told that carbs are the enemy of weight loss. When considering foods in the context of macronutrients, yes, fruits are carbohydrates. As a result it has been lumped in with the gang of processed foods you want to limit, especially if better health and improved body composition are your goals. The last thing you should do is feel guilty about eating an apple, banana, orange, or any other fruit, unless you stole it or something.

Fruit, however, is also dense with micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), as well as fiber. Due to it’s high fiber and water content, fruit is incredibly satiating for it’s low calorie count. Fruit can satisfy carb cravings, and fill you up. This makes it a great inclusion in any nutrition plan where weight loss is a goal.

Could you theoretically gain weight eating fruit? In theory, sure. You could add hundreds of calories of fruit to a diet full of processed foods and an already excessive quantity of calories. Even less likely, you could try force feeding ridiculous quantities of fruit, bypassing normal feelings of fullness. Possible, yes. Plausible, no. Unless it’s some bizarre attempt to prove it is possible to gain weight eating fruit.

Because fruit is nutrient rich, satisfying and filling in a low-calorie package, it is an excellent substitute for processed foods. This is what can make something like the 800g Challenge so effective. You become so full of fruit (and veggies) that there isn’t room for any junk. Try replacing some of your snacks, sides, and desserts with fruit to help manage your daily calories. Start with one substitution. Try it for a few weeks to make the habit stick, and then move on to replace other processed foods.

There are no bad foods. Some foods are better choices than others for your individual health and fitness goals. In almost every case, fruit is a good choice.

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