You may not notice, but I see and hear a lot.  I may not be obvious about it, but believe me I am watching and I am listening.

Often I see:

  • Heads shaking in dissatisfaction

  • Laughing when a movement isn’t completed successfully (sometimes it is funny and deserves a laugh)

  • Shoulder shrugs when someone tells you “good job”

  • Hesitations to ring the PR bell or lack of celebration of a PR

  • Non-verbal cues that you just don’t want to be at the gym

Often I hear:

  • I suck at movement blank

  • I hate movement blank

  • He/She cheats on her reps                                                                       

  • That sucked!

  • I just don’t want to be here

What I rarely hear and/or see is:

  • “I crushed that workout”  or ”I am good at blank”

  • “I am so excited to be here and workout today”

  • Smiling, dancing, jumping for joy, chest bumps

  • “Thank you” when someone tells you “good job” please respond with THANK YOU!  Don’t come up with an excuse or reason why you could have done better, just say THANK YOU!

So, what’s the point?  My point is… put on your Positive Pants and be happy about exercise! Be happy that you get to hang out with some pretty cool people, while crushing fitness. Be happy that you complete a tough workout after a long hard day of work. Be happy that you have the luxury to exercise away the stresses from the outside world. Just be happy!

Along with being happy, I want you to be proud! Be proud that you made the decision to get your butt to the gym today.  Be proud that you tried a new movement even if it didn’t go according to plan. Be proud that you PRed and ring the bell like you mean it.  Be proud of your fellow members. Just be proud!

Think of negative thoughts like a contagious virus.  It can easily be spread from your mind, to your body, and then to others.  We are all pretty guilty when it comes to spreading negativity.

So the next time you say something negative or shake your head in dissatisfaction during a WOD, first look around to see if I am near you, then spin the negative into a positive.  For example, instead of saying:

“I hate this workout, I am so bad at pull-ups”


“This workout is the perfect opportunity for me to get better at pull-ups!”

Remember, be happy and proud, because YOU ARE AWESOME!

– Adrienne