Our group classes are designed to meet the needs of our diverse and varied community. Regardless of your age, current fitness level, or job, you will benefit from the 781 program.

Supportive Community

CrossFit has exploded over the last few years largely due to two things: results and community. The community aspect of CrossFit is one that is welcoming and supportive. There’s a saying in CrossFit that ‘if you are the last one to finish a workout, you will get the loudest cheers.’ We hold this to be an absolute truth in our gym, and we never let anyone finish alone. We are a group of people who all share the same desire to get more out of life, to be happy, and to be healthy.


Semi-Personal Training for a fraction of the cost

Group classes allow you to work with a professional coach for a fraction of the investment that personal training costs. We monitor your movement closely in the class setting, we track your progress and hold you accountable.

In our one-hour classes (Workout of the Day), athletes will be led through several portions of fitness:

  • Mobility drills to restore joint function and range of motion
  • Skill-based warm up to prepare athletes for the workout
  • The Workout of the Day which might be a combination of strength training and/or cardiovascular work, as well as accessory work to help build stabilization in joints
  • Fun! We’re not all business here at 781- we always try to include a healthy dose of fun in our classes

OnGoal Based Programming


Our programs are designed to meet the needs of the members of our community based on their own needs and desires. Since the bulk of our community participates in group classes, we offer several different levels of scaling within those classes, as well as other programs to meet everyone’s needs:

Level 1-3 Scaling Options: in each Workout of the Day, you will notice that beneath the prescribed workout, we include three levels of scaling. Level 1 is intended for beginners and focuses heavily on proper mechanics over high intensity. Levels 2 and 3 build on this and add increasing intensity and skill to each workout.