“We need a CrossFit Kids coach.”

“Okay I’ll get my CrossFit Level 1 Cert and THEN I’ll also get my CrossFit Kids Certification.”

“We need a Joy Girl: someone who can send handwritten notes to our members and puts our members first every day.”

“Okay I can learn how to do that. I’ll even make myself look like a goof and send funny PR texts.”

“We need a Social Media Manager.”

“Okay I can learn how to use a camera, use Instagram and start capturing big moments around the gym.”

“We need an assistant coach to start helping with our large classes.”

“Okay, can I start the observation process tonight?? Do you have any reading materials that might help me?”

“We need a second coach to help with the New You class.”

“I’ll do it.”

“We do not have any available coaches to take this new athlete through On Ramp.”

“I can do it even though I’ve never done it before. When can we go over everything?”

“The best way for you to become a great coach is to do A, B, and C.”

…comes in next day and Sara is doing A, B, C, and also Z.

I was laughing to myself thinking about what I was going to write about Sara- the funny part is also the truth: that there is not a damn thing we have thrown at Sara that she hasn’t picked up and molded into something great.

As a new coach at CrossFit 781, there is a whole lot of scrutiny that takes place from the powers that be. We expect our staff to live up to certain expectations, and new coaches are no exception to the rule. There’s lots of direction, cues, assignments, education and constructive criticism that take place during an internship, and there have been many a coach under our roof that have been unable to take the constructive part of the criticism and make the necessary changes. Sara is not one of those people.

And she’s not just learning to coach. Sara also holds several job titles at 781, as you have probably guessed from the above statements. Sara is our in-house Joy Girl, she is our social media manager, she is an On Ramp coach, and just last week took on her first personal training client.

Sara’s determination to become the coach that she wants to be has blown me away, specifically over the past year. When I tell her that XYZ can help her do better at something, she does it. She’s read article after article, read books, written essays, sat through educational sessions with us, shot videos of herself…the list goes on. How many people do you know that actually do what they say they are going to do, or what they truly want to do without letting excuses and fear overrun them?

There’s one person that comes to my mind. It’s the same person that helps CrossFit 781 run the absolute best it ever has. Thank you Sara for being amazing!