As a full time coach I have the luxury of practicing and teaching the Olympic lifts often.  In my spare time I also watch videos, and read articles and books about the Olympic lifts.  I have logged a lot of hours trying to figure out how to perform and teach the lifts decently well.

One of the hardest things to teach myself and others is how to have the bar make contact against the body.  The bar should contact the the crease of the hip in the snatch, and the upper/mid thigh in the clean if the bar is in the right place when you extend your hips.  The goal of the contact isn’t necessarily to create more upward momentum on the bar, but contact will happen if the bar is in the right spot at the right time.  The videos below are my favorite, and really helped me to understand the proper positioning in order to make contact with the bar.

Snatch 101 from Juggernaut Training on Vimeo.