Last year it became apparent to us that it was time to up our game: we needed to bring in a professional coach. Someone that had been around the block for a while. Someone that knew our sport inside and out. Someone that was detail-oriented. Someone that loved. to. coach, and someone that could own the gym floor with knowledge and enthusiasm.

At the time, Eric had already been coaching a few hours here and there at 781, however, he was still running CrossFit Fenway in Boston, one of the oldest and most well-known affiliates around. So we figured Eric would continue with just the few classes he was coaching. Then, almost like magic, Eric let us know he CFF was just about to be sold to a new owner, and he was hoping to find a permanent job somewhere closer to his home. It was truly perfect timing! We ended up offering Eric a full-time position at 781, and luckily for us, he accepted.

Some fun facts about Eric:

  • If you ask him a simple question about weightlifting, he will give you an answer that lasts no less than 5 minutes. Because no one loves weightlifting more than him. Seriously.
  • He has a son named Teddy, and he and his wife Lesley have a daughter on the way!
  • He is a USA Weightlifting Advanced Sport Performance Coach, aka, he knows a lot about–  you guessed it– weightlifting!
  • He does about 20 personal training sessions in any given week
  • You’ll know when he thinks something is really funny, because his laugh is the greatest
  • He knows a ton about endurance training, and nutrition as well

In a nutshell, Eric is has been such a wonderful addition to CrossFit 781; he is articulate, intelligent, and he cares about this community. Since Eric does not have Facebook, please leave your favorite thing about Eric in the comment section below!