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“Amazing place where I have grown tremendously inside and out since joining. The coaching is second to none. They are all very focused on form and keeping you safe… Coming here is the best part of my day. Everyone is friendly & supportive no matter what level they are at. I find myself constantly setting new goals as I continue to surprise myself with skills I acquire. If you want to fall in love with health and fitness, this is a great place to be!”

Cassi K’s story

“I have nothing but great things to say about Crossfit781… Our trainers are also GREAT very patient and they’re with me every step of the way. I would recommend this gym to anyone. If you never worked out a day in your life, or you need just a little extra motivation. This is where to go :)”

Jess V’s story

“I had an introduction meeting with Eric to get rolling by talking about my goals, fitness levels and address questions. Eric was supportive, knowledgeable and truly listened to what I needed to get started. After my intro meeting I got matched with one of the coaches Adrienne. Getting started with Adrienne was FANTASTIC! Adrienne’s support, attention to detail and helping me learn the movements and way around 781 started me on a path to success.

Since completing my on amp and in month 2 of working out – I am LOVING going to Crossfit 781!!! The staff at 781 is seriously AH-mazing! I have enjoyed the various classes with Jamie, Kayla and Adrienne. What I truly love is the enthusiasm, professionalism and true concern and care they demonstrate as they conduct their classes. From being personable and opening up classes with friendly chatter; warm ups with great stretches and strategies for the workout; to walking around and helping with techniques/scaling options; coaching, encouragement and support during the workouts; and finally the socially distant team high five at the end! Most importantly, all of the 781 personnel are really kind – and that is exactly what the world needs more of these days :)

Additionally, the dedication to the well being of the members during the unknown time of Covid is top notch!”

Lynne S’s story

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