Mobility EDC

Everyday carry (EDC): a collection of useful items that are consistently carried on person every day.

There’s a lot of fitness equipment out there, but only so much space in a gym bag. Especially if you’re traveling. We want to get the most out of everything we put in. This list is my top 5 mobility and movement prep tools. My mobility EDC’s. They’re as permanent fixtures in my gym bag as weightlifting shoes and thumb tape. Everything on this list is under $40, and most are under $30.

Tavel Foam Roller 
A short, hollow foam roller has a place in my luggage anytime I spend more than a night away from home. This classic piece of mobility kit is great for everything from opening your upper back, to smashing your calves, and everything in between. The travel version features a hole where you can easily stash some clothes, making it a lot easier to include on the packing list for your next adventure.

Soft Spiky Massage Ball
Lacrosse balls have become a staple piece of equipment in CrossFit gyms. When it comes to rolling out a sore muscle they can certainly get the job done. I’ve found that I prefer a softer ball though. The soft spiky massage ball can get all the big muscles like a lacrosse ball, and it’s great for rolling some more delicate areas like your low back or shins too! I actually keep a soft spiky ball like this one in my car, so that I’ll have it wherever I go.

MobilityWOD Gemini
This is the most expensive item on this list. At $40 you may be wondering, “why?”. The Gemini is the best when it comes to smashing hamstrings. I was given one as a gift years ago, and I’ve bought two more as I’ve worn them out. It’s also an excellent tool for opening your upper back, and rolling out your feet. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative, the OG Gemini is two lacrosse balls athletic taped together.

The first three items on this top 5 definitely fall into the “self massage” category. The last two are more familiar, as they’re featured in our gym “activity buckets”, and are intended for movement preparation.

Red Band from Westside Barbell or EliteFTS
We use the good ol’ red band for good mornings, presses, pull aparts, and any number of row variations regularly. Band work is great for building connective tissue strength. It’s an excellent addition to any warm up, or finisher. I’m partial to push downs, leg curls, and face pulls, as well as incorporating the band into a snatch warm up for overhead squats and presses in snatch. You can use it to scale up push-ups, or stretch too. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Versa Loops
Best known for monster walks, glute bridges, and other exercises to “toast the buns”, Versa Loops have a lot of uses (much like its band brother above). Although most commonly used in lower body warm ups, the lighter bands make for an awesome addition to upper body prep. The bands can also be worked into exercises like bird dogs and dead bugs for new twists on core classics. I keep a light Versa Loop in my gym bag, as well as similar, heavier Hip Circle. The latter is a beefier version that doesn’t have the same versatility, but is really good at what it does, and durable.

With a collection like this, you can be feeling good and ready to take on the day wherever you go (as long as you use it 😉).

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